Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where UN heading with regards to Sri Lanka?

LTTE design and built there own weapons. This is a submerged vehicle with stealth technology of an F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber. It was impossble to detect its presence with Radar equipment on board Navy vessels.

I am a medical doctor in a Sri Lanka government hospital. I am amazed the way UN is treating the people and government of Sri Lanka, even after finishing a fearsome war with the LTTE to save over 3ooooo Tamils. I have been working in Hospitals attached to IDP camps in Sri Lanka where we have been visiting and treating those patients from war areas on rotational basis continuously. It is unbelievable to see the government’s real effort to heal the sick and wounded even though we are living in a third world country.

LTTE the world’s most fearsome Terrorist group was defeated by the Sri Lanka government armed forces last week. And the EU states are trying to bring charges of war crimes against the Government of Sri Lanka.

First I think we should assess why the war was there? Why UN and EU trying to find fault with the Sri Lanka government? And what are the possible consequences those UN and EU will have to face.

Sri Lanka has already lost more than 100000 lives during last three decades due to the activities of the LTTE. Most of the time it was LTTE who killed civilians using suicide bombers and fragmentation mines. We don’t understand why UN human right council did not pay attention at those times when the LTTE is slowly and systematically killing innocent civilians?

LTTE killed two world leaders, invented the suicide jacket and have done the highest number of suicide attacks by a single terrorist group in the world and they recruited thousands of child soldiers. The UN human right council never called for an investigation. Why was that?

LTTE killed fleeing civilians from the war zone. Where was the UN Human Rights Council at that time?

LTTE killed all the other Tamil political leaders (Eg Mr Kadirgamer – Foreign minister, Mr Amirthalingam- MP, Mr Raviraj – MP and etc., etc saying V Prabakaran should be the sole leader of the Sri Lankan Tamils. Where was the UN Human Right Council?

US airstrikes killed 140 Afghan civilians; Why UN Human Right Council does not investigate about it?

LTTE had an annual income of more than one billion US dollars before Sri Lanka government starting the humanitarian mission to rescue Tamils from clutches of the LTTE. I have been pointing out a dangerous fact to all foreign missions (Including CIA web information site) in Sri Lanka since 3 years ago, If the LTTE is allowed this income and the separate state, the LTTE would acquire nuclear weapons with in next two decades. LTTE was probably able to steal a container load of Uranium rich soil from Ranchi, India in December, 2006 and transported it to a Uranium enriching facility at an unknown site (?North Korea where there is a heavy presence of LTTE activist ,

Let see what happened to the politicians who backed the LTTE.
Paul Martin, Viko, Jayalalitha defeated in elections failing to get the peoples mandate as they helped the LTTE. There are over expenditure charges against Mr. Gordon Browns government, specially for its foreign secretary, David Miliband

Are these politician and officials who are backing LTTE, corrupt? Are they on LTTE’s pay role?

How much LTTE supporters would spend on such a mission?
In Sri Lanka retired SL army Maj Gen Janaka Perera was assassinated by an LTTE suicide cadre in October 2008. Investigations have revealed that LTTE has spent around 7 million Sri Lankan rupees (USD 60000/=) for that assassination. What had he done for the LTTE? He had done his duty properly to save Jaffna peninsula from falling to LTTE. This is the amount of money LTTE was ready to spend just to kill an unarmed politician if it happens to be against Sri Lanka government it would be million of US dollars.
LTTE’s dirty money may be behind the officials and politician like Navi Pillay and David Miliband. UN should take utmost care not to intervene in affairs of democratically elected Sri Lanka government, by going behind supporters of World’s most ruthless killing machine.

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